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Before the Second World War, Lithuania was home to about 250 000 Jews, who were widely scattered in towns and cities and small villages. Jewish Lithuania is not just Vilnius or Kaunas – it is much more than that. Yiddish was spoken in Lithuania, Jewish markets attracted crowds of people, the streets smelled of freshly made beigels and teiglach, and commercial and economic life was unimaginable without Jews. 

If you are interested in the Jewish history of Lithuanian towns and settlements, let’s talk.I will be happy to arrange a private tour in the region of your interest, and we will agree on the duration and timing of the tour together.I lead the tours in Lithuanian, Russian and English, and I will arrange transport and Jewish delights to make the trip not only interesting, but also full of experiences.

I invite you to see, hear and feel what an interesting part of the Jewish history of Lithuania is waiting for you.

If you haven’t found the suitable tour in lenght or in tours listed in my web site i would like you to offer INDIVIDUAL TAILOR MADE  TOUR  IN LITHUANIA .A one-day or longer Iitinerary covering more than one region or area is available.


Its getting really popular to visit the sites of ancestors in Lithuania. I will take you for a private, personal and very sensitive journey to the places of your roots



This excursion is for those who want to learn about the Jewish history of Kaunas and follow its traces.



Jewish history in Lithuania is not limited to Vilnius or Kaunas, it is much more colourful and interesting than you might think.



Arrival in Vilnius (Vilna) – meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel.



For centuries, Vilnius, or Vilna, has been known as the Jerusalem of the North, a city that was home to a large Jewish community of almost 70 000 inhabitants before World War II.



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