Harlan Stelmach, Professor of Humanities Dominican University of California

Dear Marius, I hope you are doing well.  We are back home in California after completing our family tour that took us all the way to Moscow. My brother, sister-in-law and my wife want to thank you for a great guided tour of Kaunas and Vilnius.   You are multi-talented.  A great driver.  A knowledgeable tour guide.  An informed historian. And a linguist.  Without your tenacity and language skills we would not have located a possible distant relative on the banks of the Nemunas River in Kaunas.  You went way beyond the call of duty to serve us.  You not only showed us the usual important sites but you took that interesting side roads to give us a unique tour of Lithuania.  Your love for life and your country was evident in all you did for our whole day.  You are a very generous person.  We will recommend your guiding services to anybody wanting a the touring experience of a life-time.  Thanks for a great day in Lithuania.  It was a real highlight of our whole tour. With much appreciation, Harlan Stelmach, Professor of Humanities Dominican University of California

Vilnius-Trakai-Kernave Tour 2014

Wembley Catenians

I had a chance to host a group from London that came to Vilnius for a long weekend. As I am not professional in this area, I was looking for professional guide. This is how I met Marius. The scope was walking tour in Vilnius old town, second day driving to Trakai and Kernave, third day – Turgeliai, Medininkai castle and other nice places on the way. The group was very happy about the services Marius provided, but they are nice people, they would say this in any case. Meanwhile I am not a nice person. I was looking after him very carefully: his punctuality, English level, historical knowledge and attitude in general. And what can I say – everything was just great. He is a real professional, intelligent and pleasant person who will always do an extra mile to please the client. I would definitely recommend him! Thank you and good luck, Marius! Ausra


Joan and Jerry Kaskowitz

Marius – sorry for the delay in thanking you for the very thoughtful and complete visit to the Jewish Heritage sites in Vilnius, but we have been going non-stop since our OAT tour began. We were impressed by, and grateful for, the attention and care that you showed during our full day together and really touched by our visits to the former Jewish sites and especially to the Paneriai Monument where you provided the yahrzeit candles. It made the visit very meaningful. By the end of the long day we felt we had a better understanding of what Jewish life had been in Lithuania and how it had been destroyed. Ending the day with the fine Lithuanian dinner confirmed that we had also made new friends. Thank you very much for all your efforts. Best wishes, Joan and Jerry Kaskowitz

Mr.Yoni Novick with a familly-Israel and South Africa.

If you check out one Web site or send one email in advance of your trip to Lithuania, it should be to Marius! He will take care of you from A to Z from the minute you land to the minute you depart. He is super knowledgeable and we learned so much from him. His love for his country and specifically for its Jewish history is so evident. Marius is definitely the way to go!

Zhi Peng. Eastern Europe News Department

As i promised i ‘m sending you my thoughts about our visit in Lithuania. Me and my colleagues came to Lithuania in Vilnius to make a informative video about becoming a part of Euro currency block.We were recommended mr.Marius, sory your last name is too difficult ffor us 🙂 to be our guide at the time being here.Thank you very much for your patience creativity great historical economical and socio cultural knowledge about your country.You have really braodend our perspective about Lithuania . It is impressive to meet such patriot of the country and to get closer to magnificient history of it.What you have done during our visit is far beyond any expectations.Your attention and willingnes to fullfill any requests is incredible.It is evident that you love everybody who visits Lithuania and you have so much to tell to show and to deliver.The great restaurant in Vilnius “Sena Troba” (sorry if its not correct )is absolutelly magnificient.The food for us was really amazing the service is far above you could expect.Now You and mr.Yuri are famous in China:) Once we come back -you will be the first person we will meet and continue our journey in Lithuania. On behalf of my colleagues we want to wish you a hughe sucess in 2015 in your proffesionall career and your life.” Zhi Peng Eastern Europe News Department CCTV China News

Linda (Lukosevicius-Bald)

You had done a Lithuania tour for my family (the Naujokas Family, we traveled to Vepriai- Nida-Zypliai-Klaipeda-Vidukle) about a month ago. We are still all talking about what a great trip it was, how lucky we are that we chose you as our guide and how important it was to have been able to go and see the country where our relatives came from. All of us still remember your kindness and attitude for ourselves.How willing you were to help us in locating the places were our relatives were born or died. You are great person and patriot of your country may God bless You and your familly. I did give your name out to someone who was thinking about going on a trip to Lithuania. Hopefully you are continuing to have a busy summer giving tours. Best regards Linda (Lukosevicius-Bald)

Dr Larry Berman

Dear Marius Once the decision was made to go and visit Lithuania, the home of my grandparents, the difficulty was now in finding a guide who could show me the places of interest I wanted to visit, especially with regard to the Jewish Heritage sites. Coming from South Africa with a very rudimentary knowledge of the Lithuanian language, I was worried that this would be an arduous task. I was recommended to contact Marius Galadauskas. Marius represents everything an English speaking tourist would require in visiting Lithuania. Firstly apart from speaking a very good English, his knowledge of Lithuanian history, and in particularly Jewish history with their heritage sites is second to none. Once you decide to visit Lithuania look no further than Marius. He will take care of your travel arrangements, collect you and return you to the airport, and even arrange suitable accommodation for you in keeping with your budget. Marius is no longer just a tourist guide for me, but through his likeable manner, punctuality, reliability and Lithuanian knowledge he has become my friend. If you are planning a trip to Lithuania please contact Marius to make your voyage as enjoyable and informative as mine. Dr Larry Berman

Deborah and Ro’ee Orr, Israel

Hi Marius,Hope you are well. We had a great time with you! Marius is very knowledgeable about Jewish heritage in Lithuania and is acaring and sensitive guide, conscious of how important it is for Litvaks tosee the beautiful places their grandparents came from and respectful of theamazing Jewish culture that was once …so prevalent in Lithuania and was largely wiped out. Marius is actively involved in preservation andcommemoration and education efforts regarding Jewish Heritage in Lithuania and he is also a responsive guide and will adapt his tours if you clarifyexactly what you would like your focus to be. He is a very caring guide andgood service is important to him from a to z – he will help you find anexcellent place to stay at a reasonable price and take you to great placesto eat and will worry about every aspect of your comfort. He even saw to itthat we were taken to the airport after we had already finished touringwith him! Marius has a good sense of humour and is fun to be with and avery considerate person. We are glad that we toured Lithuania with him.

Carmel and Ilan Blumer, Israel

We have just come back from a week long travel with Marius, in the intention to look for our Lithuanian and Latvian Jewish roots. Marius has huge knowledge regarding the Jewish community and tradition in the Baltic countries, and the fact that he was our guide along the way made our trip very special and emotional. Apart from being an efficient and focused guide, Marius is a sensitive and considerate person, which made the whole travel worthwhile and rewarding for us. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to explore the Baltics, in particular its Jewish history, to get Marius’ assistance. Carmel and Ilan Blumer

Dr. Elyahu, London

Shalom Mario, Its been some time since we came from Lita and we still live by the memories and experience you provided for us. My friend mr.Kaplan told me that it was one of the greatest trips he had thanks to you and your efforts.All of us were impressed by your kindness and knowledge of jewish history of Lita and all small things youve done while we were enjoying Vilna and Kovne tours. Its a great success for us to find such experienced and knowledgeable guide as we all are experienced travellers.You definetelly overexceeded our expectations. Lita is a great country and you represent it superbly. We decided to come back for longer tour to discover full jewish heritage and beautifull nature. Best wishes and see you again in Lita.

Robert Elliasson

We just came back from a memorable “roots” trip to Lithuania and Latvia. My mother, a holocaust survivor, was born and raised in Raseiniai Lithuania, which was the main reason for our visit. It took us years to decide that we are ready to make this trip. We chose Marius as our tour guide and spent 5 days with him, visiting the towns of Vilnius, Kaunas, Raseiniai, Kedainiai including several other smaller villages and memorial sites. As part of our tour we also visited Riga and Kuldiga in Latvia. Marius helped make our visit a most interesting and emotional experience. We found Marius to be very knowledgeable, patient, sensitive and accommodating. His knowledge of the history of these countries and his special interest and knowledge of Jewish communities, Jewish life and Jewish heritage made this trip a complete success for us. We highly recommend Marius as a tour guide to these countries.

Podgor-Iuria Elisheva, Tour manager

Dear Marius, It’s been just 5 days as we had amazing tour in Lita with you and all our 34 members of this tour still shares the memories that you provided. On my behalf being also a guide and tour manager i must admit that You are really speciall and unique person and as a guide a true gift to those who choses you. Long time myself and my group haven’t experienced such a joy and such impresive care of the guests.Every man on a tour felt like a king and every lady -like a queen. We had a intense and difficult itinerary but the way you handeld it and every even smallest detail and upcoming problem was another way of excitment for You. The group felt safe and knew that there is no task too difficult for you and no request stays unfulfilled. Your kindness open heart and attitude is way above any expectations.The most important thing-is your LOVE that you give to all members on your tour and your indepth knowledge and hughe respect of jewish heritage and culture in Lita makes us remember every minute spent in Lita. It is reall Gods gift to have such a great person as you are as a guide and being so well treated makes us want to come back to Lita once again and have more tours with You. Best wishes from my group from Israel and personally myself. You are best jewish heritage specialist i met in Baltics during our tour. Now we really have a plans to come again and spend more time in Lita. Podgor-Iuria Elisheva Tour manager.

Family from California, USA

While traveling to Lithuania from California, we (family of 4) had pleasure of meeting Marius Galadauskas.  He was an excellent guide. He strived to provide highest possible quality of service at very reasonable price. He treated us in VIP fashion, for sure.   We booked several tours with him, all over Lithuania, and on every occasion he was on time, very courteous and professional.   His English was great, and were discussed even the most difficult of topics with great ease and at length.   He went extra mile to make us feel safe while traveling, he was very interested in what we were looking for, and he made us very comfortable.   He was very proud of his homeland, and was eager to show us the best of what was available. Marius had found a way to introduce us to rich heritage, complicated history, and natural beauty of Lithuania. He introduced us to various local points of interest, cultural and geographical landmarks, and, of course, high quality cuisine, both traditional and international.     Overall, Marius is honest, direct, and won’t take you “for a ride”. He has been to every corner of the country and can show you hidden treasures along the back roads, away from main highways.    Most importantly he made us feel safe and taken care of while traveling by car to far away places and in Vilnius.   Thank you, Marius!

Astra Ona Maddis, USA, Denver Colorado

I highly recommend Marius for private tours, especially if you are interested in a family history tour. My parents and grandparents all were born in Lithuania but I had never met them and was looking for family in Lithuania…. I contacted Marius to see if he could help me find family in Tytuvenai, within a hours of being in Tytuvenai, thanks to Marius we found my cousin. Marius also helped me get my father’s birth certificate, he made the process easy and stress free. Marius is very knowledgeable about Lithuanian history and family research. My trips with Marius were very enjoyable, he is also very kind and caring and makes sure you get the tour/experience you are wanting.

Nick Katko, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Marius gave me a 5 hour tour of Vilnius the day before I began working here. He showed me all the sights I wanted to see and his knowledge of the history of Vilnius is amazing. He is very flexible if you want to change plans. I recommend booking a tour with Marius if you are in Vilnius or any of the Baltic States.

Monika Jongert

Marius, your knowledge of Lithuanian history is impressive. Under your leadership, we Vilnius to know and love. I can highly recommend Marius as a tour guide!

Moshe & Edna, Danny & Sarah

Shalom Mario, We would like to thank you for the special experience you gave us during our visit to Vilna. We could feel at any given moment that you love the city, the heritage of its Jews, and their contribution to the life of all of Lithuania.   In the guidance you have discovered, a broad and comprehensive knowledge, patience and a willingness to contribute as much as one may think of. As a descendant of a family that was born and lived in Vilna, you succeeded in enriching our knowledge in all senses, especially with regard to Jews and Judaism.   We have been privileged to visit with you on the general sites have been privileged to visit you on general sites and also there you prove tremendous knowledge.   In our opinion, you are an excellent guide and as such we will recommend to all our family members and friends to use your good services. The visit we visited while The Pope’s visit the same places and the special memorial ceremonies commemorating Holocaust victims were unique & more than a kind of experience.   Thank you Mario and hope we’ll meet you again in the coming future as well.   Sincerely yours, Motti & Edna, Danny & Sarah

Tseela, Danny, Nurit, Noam

Dear Marious, We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful experience we had with you as our private 3 day guide in Lithuania last July. Your knowledge if the Jewish hisory and culture is outstanding and tured our trip to be much more exiting and memorable than we imagined..You are defenitely a valueable guide for anyone visiting your country. Love to see you on your next visit to Israel Tseela, Danny, Nurit, Noam . 2019

Motti Inbari

I am very glad to recommend Marius as a tour guide. We took a five days tour in Lithuania in June 2019. Marius took us from the airport and stayed with us all days long until he returned us to the airport on the last day.  He showed us all the Jewish heritage locations, and brought us to the Shtetals where our grandparents were born. He found the old synagogue and the cemetery in the villages and these were indeed very emotional moments. He also showed us the general cites and even took us shopping in Vilna. Marius is fluent in English and he has a new and comfortable van. He has WiFi in the car, and he recommended to take excellent hotels and restaurants in Vilna and Kovno. Feel welcome to contact if needed. I truly recommend him as a guide.   Motti Inbari