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Welcome to the website of your ultimate private guide in Lithuania – Marius Galadauskas. My substantial 10 years work experience, fluency in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages, will guarantee you an unforgettable experience while discovering this beautiful Baltic country. Thus, whether you are looking for genealogy tourism or you want to explore the rich Jewish history, I am here to make it happen!

Firstly, with my deep understanding of Lithuanian history, I can take you on a personalized tour across this beautiful Baltic nation that is tailored to your own individual preferences and interests. From the pristine Labanoras forest and medieval architecture in Kaunas to the stunning beaches of the Curonian Spit and charming streets of Vilnius Old Town, there is something here for everyone. As a tour guide I will reveal to you the uniqueness of Lithuania, I will familiarize you with a rich cultural heritage and I will introduce you to the stunning natural scenery of our beautiful country. Within a limited period of time I will help you to deeply familiarize yourself with this wonderful part of the world – Lithuania.

Secondly, since Lithuania was once home to the largest Jewish community in Europe, with my profound knowledge of Jewish history and Litvak Jews’ culture I can organize an ancestry root trip tailored to your personal needs. While traveling together I will familiarize you with the rich Jewish history from the early settlements to the modern-day, together we will explore the most famous ancient synagogues and Litvak heritage, I will introduce you to the well-known Jewish art, music or gastronomy cultural heritage, I will help you to discover the hidden gems that are essential to your tourist journey and I will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the beauty and significance of Jewish heritage.

Thirdly, I have to highlight that my organized tours are not only about gaining knowledge and learning about history, they are about creating unforgettable experiences lasting a lifetime. Whether you are a solo traveler, traveling with a family or a group of people, whether you are interested in genealogy tourism or you want to simply explore a new culture – I can assure you that I will make your journey informative, engaging and, above all, enjoyable. I have collected a great experience working with individual and business clients from the USA, Republic of South Africa and many more countries around the world and I always seek to adapt to the clients’ needs and add some personal touch while traveling. Additionally, I actively participate in various Jewish community’s events, I continue learning and immersing myself into Jewish culture and as a result I am able to present the most interesting information to my clients.

I am passionate about my work and I love sharing my expertise about the Baltic nations and Jewish history. While traveling with me you will be introduced to the rich Baltic or Jewish history, you will get to know hospitable Baltic people, you will be exposed to gorgeous nature and you will be familiarized with an exclusive Baltic gastronomy. If you are looking for a unique traveling experience and a perfect combination of educational and entertainment activities – contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you further in your future journey across the Baltic region.

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What do American con man Henry Gergusson, Woody Allen and Mark Cuban have in common?

Marius Galadauskas, a specialist and researcher of Jewish cultural heritage, has announced news – the family history of Woody Allen, one of the most prominent filmmakers in the USA, leads directly to Panevėžys.

Summer afternoon. Marius Galadauskas talks about his work as a guide and Jewish heritage in Vilnius

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